Welcome to C Dyann Designs! I am a jewelry and accessories designer living in sunny southern California.

Creating art with my hands is like the blood running through my veins. I couldn't get along without it! It's one of those things that sort of runs through my family - I have five siblings, and each one does something different - modeling, sewing, watercolor and acrylic painting, photography, architecture, cooking, music, software design. It's always been there, thanks to my parents. They were two incredibly smart, resourceful and creative people and I have them in very large part to thank for all of the wonderful things in my life.


Most of my career was spent behind a desk, crunching numbers of some type. My first creative venture was writing a novel in 2004. I have at least two more novels in me, one is practically finished and the other is tucked away, growing quietly in a dark corner in my mind. Writing is an all-absorbing and all-encompassing endeavor and really, the best writing comes after one has lived a bit. I'll get back to it, but in the meantime, my love of pretty things has my heart. 

I strive to make beautiful handmade things and I consider my collection to be comprised of wearable art. The vast majority of items in my knits collection are made with acrylic or cotton yarn for comfort. I use metal wire, usually coated copper or sterling silver, glass, crystal and semi-precious stones in my jewelry designs. I love custom designs, as creating unique pieces for my customers gives me a chance to design around that individual's needs and taste. 

Mostly I create designs that I want to see endure the test of time. Quality and craftsmanship are of the utmost concern and making my customers feel like they've made a real investment in their own sense of style and fashion.