Amel - Citrine/Pearl/Glass Necklace Free Shipping

$ 115.00

Refreshing citrine, eggshell pearls and glass leaves in a beautiful combination. Silver toned metal adds a crisp touch to a fashion-forward look. This necklace is handmade.

Did you know that citrine is associated with success, abundance and personal power? I don't know about you, but I definitely want all three of those qualities in my life. What better way to increase that vibration with citrine. 

Citrine is a November birthstone along with topaz. It can range in color from light yellow to a deep brownish orange. It is know as a quartz with healing properties - it can soothe and calm as well as release negative energies.

Pearls are not only elegant and sophisticated, they just look good - on practically everyone. I use freshwater pearls in my designs - they tend to have a softer luster than saltwater pearls. I also like using them in my designs because of their more general availability - although saltwater pearls tend to be more rare and expensive, freshwater pearls still maintain a great deal of charm and beauty. 

Glass beads can add so much color and depth to jewelry. Where it can be somewhat of a challenge to carve semi-precious stones into intricate shapes, glass allows for so much more creative flexibility. 

This necklace's measurements are as follows:

  • Pendant - Approximately 2.5 inches
  • Chain - 16 inches

This necklace contains:

  • Citrine
  • Freshwater pearls
  • Preciosa glass
  • Silver-plated copper wire
  • Silver-plated chain

Most of the jewelry I've designed here can be modified to your personal taste. Some people like short necklaces, others like long ones - it just depends on your desire. 

Free shipping on all orders. 

Consider these necklace lengths when deciding on your personal style:

  • 10 to 14 inches - Wraps closely around the neck
  • 16 inches - Wraps loosely around the neck
  • 18 inches - Sits on the collarbone
  • 20 inches - Sits just below the collarbone
  • 22 inches - Lays at or above the top of the bust
  • 24 inches - Lays at or just below the center of the bust
  • 28-38 inches - Hangs below the bust
  • 40 inches or longer - Hangs below the navel or belly button

Here's what I'd recommend if you're not sure about how each of these measure up against your own height.

If you are - 

5'4" and shorter - 16-inch to 20-inch necklaces will probably look best on you. I'm in this height category and most of my own necklaces fall in this category.

5’4" to 5’7 - You can wear any necklace length and it will generally flatter you.

5’7" or taller - Longer necklaces will flatter you the most and assist in keeping you elegant and proportioned.


Please feel free to contact me with questions at Custom orders available.

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