Where Fashion House And Online Behemoth Don't Mix Posted on 14 Oct 02:15 , 0 comments

The fashion world is seeing unprecedented hiccups and changes. Online retailers have certainly loosened the death grip major fashion houses have had on fashion for decades, and I am sure that Amazon is getting poised to finish them off completely.

Where this might not happen with ease, it's something an established and thriving fashion brand should keep a close watch on through the indefinite future. Vogue has bitterly criticized fashion bloggers for over-exposing runway shows and stealing the spotlight from the catwalk, and now LVMH is making it clear that it wants absolutely nothing to do with Amazon's foray into high fashion

For LVMH, most notable for its Louis Vuitton brand, this makes serious sense. The luxury brand has always relied on premium prices, limited editions and exclusivity to build its mystique and appeal. Although each and every company and brand has to assess what will work for them both online and offline, I admire the company who maintains a clear vision and identity while everyone else panicks. There's always the danger of  becoming obsolete or out of touch with consumers, but LVMH's formula has worked so far, and until it no longer works for them, I believe there's a great deal of wisdom in their decision.