The Limited Is Closing And 2017 Fashion Trends Posted on 8 Jan 03:26 , 0 comments

The Limited was one of my absolute favorite stores in college. I actually still own a couple of items from the store, namely a black velvet shirt I found on sale for $10. And the fabric is beautiful - a silk blend and has held up over the years. But the retailer is closing all 250 of its stores, which in so many ways marks the end of an era. So many retailers appear to be falling by the wayside, long-time pillars like Macy's, due in large part to internet shopping. I just want to say bye to The Limited, thanks for the memories and for making me feel like I dressed like a Parisian girl. 

If you're wondering what to wear this year, look no further than Vogue's study on trends for the new year. All I can tell you is I love pink, and I'm going to see how much I can wear without raising too many eyebrows.