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If you've ever believed that fashion was essentially useless think again. A young designer by the name of Angela Luna created a line of survivalist gear with Syrian refugees in mind. Here's a look and more about her truly humanitarian effort. 


DESIGN FOR LIFE - A Parsons Student Designed Her Senior Thesis To Help Syrian Refugees An outer ware collection designed for Syrian refugees. Her thesis collection is comprised of seven transformative outerwear looks that are both unisex and one size fits all. The looks include two jackets that transform to full size tents (one that fits a couple and another that fits a family), a jacket that turns into a sleeping bag, a jacket that turns into a backpack, an inflatable life vest garment, an adjustable child carrier vest, and a reversible reflective/camouflage jacket. At the same time, she thought of functionalities that could easily be repurposed for outdoors or camping activities. #angelaluna #refugees #syrianrefugees #design #solutions #fashion #unisex

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