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You've seen it in its various incarnations over the past few years. Many of us who shop in malls, live in urban centers or near a Wal-Mart (I'm going to be brutally honest here) have seen young women walking around and shopping in their pajama bottoms. The fabric patterns have run the gamut - from SpongBob SquarePants to plaids - I'm guessing I'm not the only who has wondered how much trouble it would be to just slip on a pair of jeans before leaving the house. 

The past couple of seasons have revealed a new chapter in pajamas - what's now referred to as boudoir chic. Celebrities of all types have been spotted wearing satin. Satin robes, satin bottoms, pajama tops, altered just enough to look suitable for daytime. Hey don't get me wrong, they look very comfy. But fashion can be very, very confusing. A great majority of the time it appears to depend on who has decided something is cool before it is coveted. So...before I go on a major rant I'll leave you with this image.


After a looooong day (and week!) of work, it sure feels good to be lounging around the house and relaxing!

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