Notes From A High School Reunion Posted on 17 Aug 03:15 , 0 comments

I didn't attend my reunion this past weekend. So what's up with the title then? I know, but just bear with me. 

Despite encouragement from a very good friend and classmate I decided to sit this one out, having already attended our 20th reunion. I had moved out of the area a few years ago and remained in touch with a number of classmates on social media and that just felt like enough. Now, while I don't regret my decision, I did learn a lot about my classmates this past week, also thanks to social media. 

A classmate scanned our senior pictures and encouraged us to talk about ourselves (then and now) and include a selfie in the reply section. As I browsed the photos, I was captivated by how gorgeous my classmates were when we were younger but also how much many of them I suspect didn't realize it at the time. Now there were some who were always poised and picture perfect on and off camera, but it was just so refreshing to look at others who didn't know how beautiful they were - that just might have been the biggest part of their appeal. 

The pictures that came back from the reunion weekend were even more engaging. There were a few folks that look nothing like their younger selves and others who managed to somehow look practically the same. Either way I think age, experience and wisdom seasoned everyone to perfection. We often want to put our best fashion foot forward at events like this, but having lived to tell about your adventures, goals, plans and even disappointments is probably the most beautiful thing of all.