Fashion Here, Fashion Everywhere Posted on 29 Mar 02:13 , 0 comments

If you've noticed an increasing amount of designer's wares in big box stores, it's no coincidence. Stores like Target and Wal-Mart, in an effort to compete with online shopping are ramping up their offerings with brand partnerships and the good news is that it's all to the consumer's advantage. That means you - so you don't have to settle as your style options continue to expand.

Many of us have admired African fashion from afar. The occasional glimpses we get of pieces designed with African fabrics have been restricted to import shops and holiday shows. Something different is stirring as of late - Instagram has made it possible for African designers to show their stuff and tech-savvy entrepreneurs across the globe have managed to cash in through the internet. Africa may be miles away from America, but their unique style and fashions are just a click or two away.