Fashion Designer - John Malkovich Posted on 07 Jan 02:10 , 0 comments

I sort of hate admitting this, but in my star-struck days I accosted John Malkovich in West Hollywood for a picture, well over a decade ago. All I could think about was him in one of my favorite movies, Dangerous Liaisons, while he stood relatively motionless as I fawned over him. The image of the two of us posing for a picture at a book fair makes me want to die laughing now, partly because I'm embarrassed by my apparent giddiness (something so very few people would ever attribute to me) and well - being star struck is just plain ridiculous. 

Anyhow, I was happy to see that Malkovich is a fashion designer. It appears that a few people have a hard time seeing him as one according to his Squarespace video, but I think it's wonderful and his foray into design appears to be worth looking in to.