Fall Look: Long Cardigans Posted on 9 Oct 02:56 , 0 comments

I love long sweaters, dusters, sweater coats, whatever name you choose to call them. They are definitely a hot trend this fall and I'm hoping to make one sometime soon. Rarely will you find me giving advice on wearing specific trends, but I think this style should be handled with care. 

If you want to maintain a polished look, it's important to work on balancing a long sweater with the rest of your outfit. Particularly if you're short and/or petite, it's easy to look like you've been swallowed up if the sweater is too long, or your other clothing is too baggy. I love this woman's look: 



She's very petite, but her entire look is well-balanced and extremely flattering. Several styles are also available, which can help you find just the right look for you. Check out Bazaar's photo gallery for inspiration.