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Pantsuits are gonna rule Fall 2016, are you ready?

I have to say for once I am, because when I was a cube slave, pantsuits were my go-to outfit when I just couldn't bring myself to iron anything. They are nearly perfect in so many ways: 

They give you an instant upgrade - nothing says I'm a professional like a pantsuit. Even as I cried on the inside while trudging through my own little corporate hell, I can't tell you how many fellow work goblins gave me the nod when my pinstripes arrived on the scene. 

They are surprisingly comfortable - I learned early on to just give in and have my suits altered, but I also found a few that fit perfectly, covering things and accenting other things.

You'll be trendy without even trying - according to Glamour pantsuits will be all the rage, so check out their article here for a little inspiration. 


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