A Seat At The Table Posted on 12 Oct 02:25 , 0 comments

I'm kind of an old school music lover - Sade, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross - almost any major artist out of the 80's and 90's. A few contemporary artists have caught my attention - James Bay, Ray LaMontagne, Charlie Puth, Childish Gambino, The Weekend - but generally artists like Jill Scott stay in heavy rotation around these parts. 

That's why my ears almost fell off when I hit play for Don't Touch My Hair and Cranes In The Sky. I'm generally skeptical of most pop music and any related acts, but Solange - yes, Solange Knowles is doing big and powerful things with her music and I can't wait to hear more. She's not putting out pop music or anywhere near it, and if the rest of her album is as good as the first two cuts I've listened to, she deserves a seat at the head of the table.