A New Year...A New You? Posted on 03 Jan 01:36 , 0 comments

Depending on who you ask, 2016 was strange, unusual and rough. For others it was business as usual, and both camps have weighed in on a familiar hope - that 2017 will be a better year. 

I lost a mentor and his magic in 2016 - Prince. He had become, more recently, more than just a musician to me. He was a business man and artist with supernatural confidence, qualities that I greatly admire and hope to embody as fully as he once did. He transcended on the anniversary of my father's death. One man I admired but could only really cherish from afar, the other provided the type of inspiration and love that I still benefit from today. 

As I reflect on every year past in the first few days of the new I am clear on one thing. I do not make new year resolutions. In the past when I did make them, they only clouded my ability to be happy through unrealistic expectations. There's truly nothing worse than arriving at the end of a year only to realize that you're still overweight, or your gym clothes have cobwebs. 

I do set goals all year, however, and I'm always happy to see when they've been met. I do believe that sometimes, we have to just remember to be thankful for whatever we have or wherever we find ourselves right now. It's easy to spend your whole life wishing for a better life and not even realizing that you have it made in real time. 

Have a great 2017.