Wearing Your PJ's Outside Posted on 6 Jan 23:00 , 0 comments

So...for the past decade or so we've been looking down our noses at girls who have been showing up at Wal-Mart or literally wherever with their jammies on in broad daylight. Like 'you couldn't have just slipped on a pair of jeans before you came out and subjected us to THAT??? Ewwww.'

Now I'm being told that everybody from Rashida Jones to Rihanna have been spotted in pajamas about town, and not a nose wrinkled up at the sight. This just proves that fashion is subjective, often political but ultimately about self-expression. If you want to join pajama wearers everywhere from 9 to 5, a company called For Restless Sleepers has you covered:


We love dots ! #FRS #forrestlesssleepers #pjs

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