Hillary Clinton Attacked For Fashion Choices Posted on 29 Dec 00:04 , 0 comments

Hillary Clinton was brought up on several fashion faux pas charges by the Daily Mail - 20 to be exact, spanning the course of 50 years.

Let me pause and say 'whew', that's a long time to be engaged in the political spotlight. It has all sort of come to a head now. She's been vying for the oval office for a few cycles and it appears to be a now-or-never situation. On top of that, she has been summarized and scrutinized as wanting in the wardrobe department. Perhaps she should have adopted a simple wardrobe and dressed as men do in politics? Navy blue, grey, the occasional black and a risky summer khaki suit here and there would have still drawn ire. Hillary would have been labeled boring, unimaginative and possibly even a little too masculine for our tastes. 

She's not alone. President Barack Obama has been raked over the coals for his 'mom jeans' and his wife, who never fails to look absolutely stunning, has drawn suspicion over her expensive wardrobe. If it sounds like a no-win situation, it probably is. I think it takes a truly special kind of person to want to be in the spotlight. The higher the highs, the lower the lows and I'm not sure it gets much lower than worrying about what a politician is wearing. I want to know what Mrs. Clinton plans to do for our country and how her policies will affect me and loved ones. She can wear whatever she wants, let's just keep our country together. Hey, if the economy continues to get better, perhaps some of our top designers will donate their time and designs to her campaign. 


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