Men's Fashion Part II Posted on 19 Dec 23:39 , 0 comments

The power of fashion and style to transform is undeniable. Clothing is activism is change. But how far can image alone take us? 

One man believes that an entire generation can be transformed with attire and has devoted his talent to a web series called The Reclaim. Shadow and Act interviewed Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist to get the story behind his show. Turner-Gilchrist wants to "show the diversity and strength of black males" and begin to do the serious work of changing imagery surrounding black men.



The New Stereotype: The Reclaim from Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist on Vimeo.

I'm intrigued but also believe that this is only one piece of the puzzle. So on that note, in the immortal words of Rod Serling, "Submitted for your approval"