Fashion Trends to Ditch in 5...4...3... Posted on 16 Dec 23:40 , 0 comments

2016 seemed so far away just a little while ago but good gracious sakes alive it's going to be here in a couple of weeks!

I've been eyeing my closet and planning to put a few unworn items away before the big ball drops in Times Square. I know you have too, so I'm going to list what Huffington Post Canada says we should leave in yesteryear and if you need a little extra nudge, the full list with details can be found here.

  1. Kylie Jenner Lips - Umm, never a problem. Big West African lips via America - check
  2. Micro Bags - Wouldn't have worked for me, I need my big bag - check
  3. Suede - I've had the same suede shirt from The Limited for about 25 years, it gets worn about once a year - maybe
  4. Contouring - Entirely too much work - check
  5. Music Festival Fashion - Heh heh - check
  6. Dressy Sweatpants - Heh heh - check
  7. Sheer Dresses A.K.A. Naked Dresses - No comment - check
  8. Flatforms - Didn't know they existed - check
  9. Pastel Hair - Awwww. I tried light purple hair once but it didn't work, I guess the pressure is off - check
  10. Play on Designer Logos - What? Check

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