Roadkill Fashion Posted on 15 Dec 00:10 , 0 comments

Imagine driving along and you see an animal, like a squirrel or possum run out in front of you. You try to stop, but it's too late for everybody involved. Also picture yourself pulling over, getting a shovel and plastic bag from your trunk (I'm a little scared of you if these are typical trunk contents) and approaching the animal. You assess the damage, maybe say a prayer or something, scrape him up and throw him in the trunk. Later, you skin the animal and make a coat with a fur collar for yourself or your significant other.

Now that just sounds absolutely horrible right? According to one fashion designer, it's all about context, place and time. Pamela Paquin incorporates already deceased animals into her designs and has found a ready and willing clientele. She (naturally) hates it when people refer to her resource as roadkill and believes she is actually providing a more humane and ethical way to handle the surplus of unused animal skins.

It might sound like I'm judging - I think I'm just trying to understand this viewpoint. If you want to read more about Paquin's company and weigh in, click here.