Beijing Smog Masks Posted on 9 Dec 23:28 , 0 comments

I truly have no right to complain after seeing pictures of people wearing masks to combat high smog levels in Beijing. Now, it's true I may be stuffed up, coughing and my equilibrium has been off for a few days thanks to Los Angeles' ever-changing temperature and smog levels, but at least I don't want to vomit from the air, right?

The cost of industry, technology and fashion is high around the globe and we're spared to a certain extent. We haven't yet resorted to adding smog masks to match our hats and scarves yet, but if we aren't careful this idea could become more than just a notion. 

Women in Beijing appear to know how to take lemons and make lemonade because the stylish masks appear to be out in full-force. Check out AOL's photo gallery and try to imagine yourself in the picture below. 

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