Happy Holidays Posted on 25 Nov 23:38 , 0 comments

I really can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I say that every year I think, but this one has been wonderful. I have beautiful customers and have met some of the most inspiring fellow entrepreneurs. 

I actually took it easy today - taking time to relax is one of my new challenges but it is important, and I hope you're taking time to kick back as well this holiday weekend. All of the pressure to be with someone, to buy buy buy and appear happy and normal sometimes makes people feel a lot more lonely than they should. Enjoy the folks in your life that make you happy and wish the rest well, even if folks is just one folk - you. Spend some quiet time with a book or music, feel free to disconnect from the rush of life before it passes you by, even for just a moment. 

Peace, love and happiness to you always.