Coloring Books For Fashion Posted on 9 Nov 23:16 , 0 comments

You knew it wouldn't take long, didn't you? Coloring books are a hot new trend for adult relaxation, and some experts have even claimed that the recreation is second only to meditation when it comes to anti-stress techniques.

A fashion coloring book could take this form of fun to a whole new level. Maybe you can't afford those new Louboutins, but I bet you could color the heck out of a pair. published a list of eight fashion coloring books - here's the summary - for more information on these books, check here.

  1. Pattern And Design Coloring Book
  2. The Fashion Coloring Book
  3. My Even More Wonderful World Of Fashion
  4. The Usborne Book Of Drawing, Doodling, And Coloring Fashion
  5. Fashion Coloring Book
  6. Advanced Style The Coloring Book
  7. Fashion Of The First Ladies
  8. Color Me Swoon


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