Fashion Fair's Disappearing Act and Zoe Kravitz Posted on 28 Oct 00:12 , 0 comments

Chocolate Raspberry was the name, 19** was the year...

Get your mind out of the gutter. You know I'm talking about a lipstick shade, right?

It was my absolute favorite made by Fashion Fair. It's an opalescent magenta color - it was just bright enough but not too bright for my coffee skin tone. Fashion Fair is a brand well known to a woman of a certain age and hue. While Lancome, Wet'N'Wild and Clinique met most women's cosmetic needs, Fashion Fair filled in the gap for girls and ladies of color pretty well.

After leaving California for grad school and generally being strapped for cash during that time, makeup purchases fell off my radar. My brief introduction to MAC before moving to Atlanta resumed once I started buying makeup again and it is generally the only brand I have worn over the past few years. I stopped even thinking about Fashion Fair. Mainly because they have been big-time missing in action. Which is really too bad, because now would be the time to capitalize on cosmetics for women of color.

In their Washington Post article the executives cited capital constraints as the reason that the ghost of Fashion Fair now haunts the aisles of Macy's. The company hasn't closed its doors yet, but it sounds like it's dangerously close. Hopefully social media can come to the rescue. 

And now I want to share an Instagram of Zoe Kravitz, just because. She looks just like her mom and has adopted her unique sense of style. 



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