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Technology has held the most power in its role in medicine and advancements for our population with disabilities. Lately these advancements have surpassed mere utility - some of the latest in prosthetics make fishnet stockings look about as boring and blasé as an actual fishnet. Check out these lovely legs and visit Mirror for more.


Attention all of you beautiful AK ladies out there that love wearing tights and skirts! I thought I would share this photo to give you a cute idea of how to wear tights with your prosthesis... So simple, but just so damn cute!! I have styled quite a few shoots now and every time I bring out the scissors and ribbon, I always get the same reaction...'omg that is sooo cute, I would have never thought to do this, I'm going to go and buy a bunch of ribbon!' .... Getting tights to stay over top of your socket can be difficult just because of the nature of nylons and how they want to spring and bunch up after they have been cut...just tie a bow around the nylon below the socket to get it to stay put! ... It's a really cool style reference to vintage legwear, is actually quite functional and oh so adorable!! #prostheticfashion #legwear #vintagebow #bows #yellowtights #stylingmatters #ribbon #feminine #fashion #alleleswomen #prostheticcover #allelesstyle Model: Emery! @peculiartophat

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Duchess Kate is right up there with Michelle Obama and her daughters when it comes to inspirational fashion. Her every dress, shoe, necklace and flip of the curling iron is covered and rightly so, she is a gorgeous lady. Entertainment Tonight Online gave us 6 Times Duchess Kate's Fashion Totally Killed It, and I couldn't agree more.

Have a great and stylish weekend!

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