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It's alright to ask, "Another Fashion Trends list?" This list, I'm not gonna tell you any tales, is directly applicable to people who live in warmer climates, like people in Jamaica, Miami, and Los Angeles (when we're not dodging mud slides). When I'm finished with this list, I need to also find out what they wear in the Middle East because 100 degrees in October with humidity like we're in Georgia seems to have become the norm around here. But I'm here to talk about those fashion trends, so let me get back on track.

The Jamaica Observer compiled a list of fashion items that work well for their climate. So if you don't have a reason to pull on a parka, chunky sweater or fur this list will help you get through the next two seasons in style:

Makeup - Reds, from true red to deeper purple-tinged tones, your lips will be the focal point of your entire look. Or you can mix it up with paler tones like peach.

Fashion - Polka dots, lace, floral prints, feathers, velvet or suede and animal prints. Love it all, especially polka dots, lace, feathers and velvet. Time to go shopping for some feathers y'all. 

Jewelry - Cuffs, beaded jewelry, stacked bracelets, drop earrings - check, check and check. 

So there you have it. Check out the Jamaica Observer's detailed take on these trends and just enjoy dressing up. 


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