America's Next Top Model Saying Farewell Posted on 15 Oct 23:25 , 0 comments

The most remarkable thing about America's Next Top Model coming to an end is the fact that it lasted 22 seasons. 22 seasons! I'm not quite sure how many years this spanned, but for a reality show to have lasted this long says quite a bit about Tyra Banks and company. 

Banks is a southern California native (Inglewood) and a pioneer for young women of color everywhere. Sometimes outspoken and opinionated but always beautiful, she has navigated film as well as television with a professionalism that few possess. 

I probably watched a couple of seasons of ANTM. It is definitely engaging and shows us what aspiring models often go through to make it in the modeling business, but watching it also made me feel anxious. It is extremely competitive and insecurities had a way of taking over for some of the contestants. Nevertheless, the show gave hope and inspiration to an entire generation of would-be models. Can't wait to see what Ms. Banks tackles next. 


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