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My husband and I walked through the newly remodeled mall and we jokingly agreed that Del Amo Mall has so many amenities that you could actually set up residence there. 

Before I get to that I will tell you that the new Nordstrom is everything I could ever have asked for in a Nordstrom. I know, I know, I sound totally crazy but that's okay. Because I love that place. It was shiny and new. The men's clothing selections were incredible. I didn't even really bother to stop and look at women's clothing because I'm just not ready. The Salon shoes were brazen in their efforts to make me stop and caress the leather, but I showed admirable self-control. There's a coffee/cafe/juice bar outside the main store and a cafe inside on the second floor. All was well-noted and will be attended to in the near future. 

Now! Second things second. Before you start wondering does this person ever leave the house? I do indeed leave the house but the fact of the matter is I've grown to hate shopping. I don't really know what happened - it might have started around the time I started associating San Francisco with my former horrible corporate job (located in the same city and everyday in the office was like life in The Walking Dead - another story not ever to be rehashed). But every time I stepped into Macy's San Francisco by myself I would have a full on panic attack. The fluorescent lights, the parade of strong perfumes and the desire to make a decision about an item and get on with my life all proved to be too much and I have since started avoiding crowded, airless stores and malls.

I believe Del Amo has gotten it right. You can shop indoors or outdoors, and there are plenty of places to sit and relax. You can catch a movie, get some sushi, sit quietly in a corner of the mall, take a nap, get dinner and shop for clothing. The only thing I think you can't do there is take a shower, but that's only as far as I know. 

This picture directly below is the top tier of a set of quiet off-the-path seating. Perfect for reflecting on the damage you just did to your debit/credit card.

The mall will definitely benefit from the nice remodeling and addition of several stores, some of which have yet to open. 


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