Nigerian-American Designer and STEM Fashion Posted on 30 Sep 22:58 , 0 comments

Onyii Brown took the leap from corporate real estate broker to fashion designer with her line of garments made with a variety of African prints. She is the daughter of Nigerian immigrants and started out on Etsy - she also has her own website. 




I wish programs like Zaniac had been available when I was growing up. Zaniac is a national science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) enrichment franchise. It utilized 3-D technology and robotics to teach students about subjects that will keep kids competitive as they prepare for college and careers. I was always a gifted math student, but I had no idea of just how strongly it was related to my creative strengths until I became an adult. Like a lot of folks, I worked in math-based jobs until it became clear to me that those skills also fueled my desire to create. Kudos to this company and I hope to see them continue to expand. 


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