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Took a nice little break today - I have to admit that I didn't really have much of a choice. Seems Texas/Georgia hot and humid weather decided to pay a visit, and we're some of those California folks who don't have air conditioning. It was blazing hot yesterday, then it poured rain like it was July in Atlanta . I joked to my husband 'I hope it doesn't get humid like it does down south'. Later that night, the air was still. No breeze. You could cut it with a knife, and it woke me up at 4 AM, hotter than it was at 2 AM. Never thought I'd ever experience that feeling in my home state. Thanks global warming...

About four hours later I jumped up, showered, dressed and hit the door. We landed at the bookstore for breakfast and magazine reading. Which was great because I was behind on my craft and fashion reading. The fashion magazines took up most of my time because I needed to dissect every ad, article and trend notification. Only then did I feel like my time had been well spent and we headed home for lunch and humidity.

For all of the time I spend reading, only two people stayed in my memory - Tom Ford and Jussie Smollett. I probably don't need to explain Jussie, but Tom Ford interested me because I didn't know much about his film background - heck I didn't know much about his background period. He is notable for reviving Gucci and starting his own label, but what fascinated me most is how he has been able to move so effortlessly throughout the fashion world. I can't take anything away from the man - he has impeccable fashion taste and is quite obviously very talented. I suppose what vexed me a bit is that I just don't recall having read any woman's resume in the fashion world quite as extensive and impressive. 

Well for a sweet change this evening I read that Roopal Patel is Saks Fifth Avenue's new fashion director effective immediately. She is definitely accomplished in similar suit as Ford - she has served as fashion director for several retail outlets and started her own creative consulting firm. I celebrate anyone who succeeds in the highly competitive fashion world without hesitation, whether male or female. It is refreshing, however, to see a woman reach impressive heights in managing fashion and retail, and advancing to fashion director at Saks is no small feat. Kudos to her and the best of luck.


Dramatic flares and ruffles @tomenyc #nyfw #saksattheshows

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Sustainable accessories never looked more beautiful @brothervellies #NYFW

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