That 70's Style Posted on 7 Sep 22:52 , 0 comments

I've always found 1970's fashion a sight to behold. It may be due to the fact that those items of clothing set the stage for some of my fondest childhood memories. It may also be chalked up to the notion that, aside from some of the cheesier and more gaudy creations, this era nailed it when it came to an unabashed display of flair and hip.

I was just talking to a friend of mine the other night about Nichelle Nichols character Dorinda in the movie Truck Turner. Part of my initial fascination with this movie had everything to do with the mild-mannered, barely there Lieutenant Uhura having turned into the potty-mouthed, center-stage and sassy Dorinda. But at the end of the day, her outfits in the movie just made me want to run on down to the fashion district and buy as much fabric as it took to look the way she did.

Gigi Hadid and models all over the place since Fashion Week this past February have been giving us a welcome taste of what's to make a comeback. Saddle bags, culottes, boots and chunky heels, fringed accessories and flared pants are just a few clothing items you're likely to see in your local mall. The danger of course is always in becoming a caricature - less is definitely more. But as I mentioned earlier, 70's fashion is both chic and eye-catching and is welcome to come back anytime. 


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