I Say Pajamas, You Say Pyjamas Posted on 5 Sep 23:52 , 0 comments

I'm personally not big on jammies for myself, but I admire a nice pair of pajamas on a man. My father used to wear some nice ones, but I haven't seen any since then. Probably when you stop buying them every year for someone as a Christmas present, you tend to lose sight of them.

A little internet shopping this evening unearthed a plethora of them, and wouldn't you know it? They're across the pond. Derek Rose is also available worldwide, but I was intrigued by the UK link on their website. Pajamas are spelled pyjamas in British English - you learn something new everyday. 


The Telegraph shared a nice list with us of places to procure pyjamas, in ample enough time to add to the Christmas shopping list. 


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