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Not long ago a friend of mine and I were discussing ancestry. I had recently taken one of those genealogy DNA tests and truly had my mind blown about my people. Allow me to make this crystal clear - my fascination with my ancestry began at a very young age because people have always asked where I'm from. Their first guesses were Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and they were actually correct, just to name a few. Although I was born and raised in California and my parents and grandparents were also American-born, my ancestors overwhelmingly originated from what is now referred to as Sub-Saharan Africa and I'm mighty proud. 

Now back to what my friend and I were talking about - I also found out that I have both Middle Eastern and Eastern European Jewish ancestors. When I first revealed that to her, she politely informed me that these two groups have a lot more in common than they realize. I'm no world customs expert and I certainly would never claim to be. But one thing's for sure - from what I can see, many of the women that hold fast to their religious customs, whether they are Middle Eastern or Jewish, exemplify modesty in dress. 

I was never more aware of this until I visited New York City and saw huge mosques and synagogues. I grew up around a multitude of cultures and religions, but a college town experience only offered a watered down experience of what big cities will reveal. I see the same larger scale groups of Jewish people here in Los Angeles, going about their daily lives in traditional dress in certain neighborhoods and pockets of this city.

Emunah Wircberg's story caught my eye because she is a fashion blogger from Philadelphia, she is a young Jewish woman and she centers her style around being modest. The fact that she puts herself out there in this manner makes her very accessible and incredibly interesting. She's also referred to as The Modest Mom and it's great to see her embrace her own style and remain true to her traditions and beliefs. I checked out her Instagram page and here's one of her outfits:


Beach Daze. #lastdaysofsummer

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Check out the Philly Voice to read more about this fashion blogger - she's sure to inspire.

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