Fashion From Rwanda: House Of Tayo Posted on 28 Aug 23:49 , 0 comments

"While Rwandan designer Matthew Rugamba doesn't believe African textiles should be limited to African designers and brands, it does irritate him, he said, when designers draw inspiration from different African cultures, using African textiles and then employing phrases like "tribal" to describe them." - Dana Oliver

The far corners of the world are becoming more acquainted. With that comes a greater need for understanding of images we see and to discard the tendency to trivialize what others hold sacred. I love being able to see what Africans across the continent are doing with fashion - by and large daily life and customs in Africa have remained a mystery to the average person here in America. Even if you've been lucky enough to have visited several countries, the tribes, cultures and languages are nearly innumerable and with that I believe the talent and creativity there is as well.

Matthew Rugamba is the owner of House of Tayo and is bringing his vision of Rwanda to the world with fresh young eyes.