One Of Those Days Posted on 25 Aug 23:41 , 0 comments

We awoke to the sound of bang bang bang shortly after 6 AM. I actually thought my mother-in-law was busy cleaning in the back of the house being the early bird that she is. But the sound persisted and I figured I would at least find out what she was up to. The bed kept pulling me down but nature was calling so I decided that I'd kill two birds with one stone. Reluctantly I pulled on my robe and opened the bedroom door. It took a couple of seconds to realize that she wasn't anywhere near the back of the house and that figure speeding toward the patio door for an extremely hasty exit was someone I did not know at all. A second glance through the window revealed my husband's missing laptop and in one singular movement I pulled the phone off its cradle and dialed.

Before I could pull on my yoga pants and a T-shirt everyone was fully awake and the look on my husband's face made me feel really bad. He's a writer like me, and a missing laptop is the last thing you ever want to experience. The police came, soothed our nerves a bit and told us we were number 20 in the city for the day to have our property dusted for fingerprints. 

Operating on three hours of sleep but unable to settle down made the remainder of the day a thick stew of anger, sluggishness and determination. I still had deadlines to meet, and no desperate thief was going to interrupt my flow. Slowly but surely though, sluggishness turned into to sadness and sadness turned into sleep. 

After a while, everyone agreed that we were blessed. We still have our health and although no one wants to experience that level of fear and inconvenience, things can be replaced. Tonight I looked over my ransacked supplies and emptied out drawers and realized that this was a perfect opportunity for a reboot. I tend to continually move forward with my projects and leave the scraps in a neglected heap once they're finished. It's time to do some organizing, re-evaluating and air-clearing. That desperate spirit who fled from my home before dawn unknowingly took my hesitation, stagnation and ambivalence with him. Thank you.


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