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I could finally kick my feet up a little bit today since I finished up a big project and take a breather before I start the next one. I even got a chance to get into the kitchen this evening and whip up some sauteed zucchini. Cooking is one of those things I love to do - if I'm in the mood. I'm rarely ever not in the mood, but I can definitely tell when I'd rather be doing something else. 

Since I moved to Los Angeles I've dropped close to 20 pounds which in itself is a small miracle. On one hand I was destined to drop it because my stress level got cut in half after we moved here. On the other hand - there's so much good food here I don't even know what to do with myself half the time. The only thing standing between me and several eateries here is the horrible, horrible traffic. But today, browsing through news stories I came across an article in the Los Angeles Times about two restaurants - Gjusta and Petit Trois. Bon Appetit announced its top ten restaurants for 2015, and both the former and latter landed at numbers two and three respectively. Both restaurants definitely look like they're getting it right and I know where I'm headed next. 

Well I'm not a food snob but I have found myself lusting after it with conspicuous intensity lately. I do think my current location has everything to do with it. San Francisco seems to have this reputation of being one of the food capitals of the world but I have had the best culinary experiences here from the local hole in the wall to the five-star restaurant. Still, nothing beats a great home-cooked meal but I'm happy with all of the other options and excited to try more. 

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