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I saw the cape (look below), mentioned it to my husband and he immediately said 'MC Hammer'. I thought to myself, I love the blue and it contrasts well with that suit.

Dwayne Wade is no stranger to the fashion world and his tastes are considerably eclectic and fairly original. I'm a Lakers fan and loath to give out compliments to players on those other teams, but I love the indulgent self-expression and willingness to try new things. You don't find that often among most people over 25 years of age, especially if they can't be assigned celebrity status. Any common working class man walking around my neighborhood dressed like that could count on getting harassed and possibly even chased down the street, particularly if he towered above everyone at 6'4". 

 All that aside, sometimes we have to take risks. We only live once, right? He has inspired me to step out more in my tastes - I definitely plan on adding a cape or two to my wardrobe. 


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