Special Olympics Fashion and China's Luxury Market Posted on 11 Aug 23:27 , 0 comments

Many moons ago I routinely volunteered to help with the Special Olympics. Today I came across an article about it and was pleased to see that it involved fashion - it shows how much has been invested in this event over time and that everyone involved continues to both benefit and grow in one capacity or another.

The Fashion Project brought style, fashion, technology and utility to this unique group of athletes. Stylist Stephanie Thomas stood at the center of it all. She is a strong advocate for her customers and styled many of the athletes at the event. Thomas stated "I have seen more people with disabilities in commercial and print advertising in the last three years than ever before." Although she feels that retail outlets have a long way to go in making fashion accessible to her clients, it is wonderful to see that diversity is finally beginning to be embraced on a wider scale.

I talked a little bit yesterday about China's appetite for fashion. This includes the broader luxury market and designers who have been able to capture a piece of the action have fared extremely well. Unfortunately there is a downside to this. The yuan is currently set to be devalued by 2% and this will have a large scale impact on luxury goods and purchases. I guess you have to enjoy the boom while it lasts and buckle up for the downward slide. Although this doesn't necessarily hold true if you actually produce goods within the country - H&M will see a boost as it will be less expensive to produce their goods with the devaluation. 


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