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Did you know that Facebook and Twitter are banned in China? I think I knew that in the back of my mind - it wasn't some information that I could have easily volunteered to you yesterday. But if you had mentioned it to me, you would have seen me nodding with a vague look on my face like 'I knew that'.

So the reason I'm asking is that if fashion brands here in the U.S. can't easily reach customers in China through two of our most popular platforms, then what do they do? This is an important question because images on social media have proven to be the most powerful way of getting our attention. This is as important to me as a seller as it would be to you as a consumer because we are all influenced by the images we see everyday, both conscious as well as unconscious. Ever wonder why you can't pass up that bag of Sriracha-flavored potato chips at the store? It's because every time you're scrolling through Facebook there's a bag waving at you from the sidelines. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know, but it always helps to be remain aware of what you're taking in everyday. You're welcome.

Back to China and their inability to gaze at Facebook and Twitter all day. Sounds kind of sad doesn't it? Well keep your chin up, is a Facebook-Twitter hybrid popular in China and a lot of American brands are catching on and it's paying dividends. Several online companies, such as Otte, have been very successful at promoting their brand's image to customers in China. Since Chinese customers tend to do most of their shopping online, Otte has been able to develop a huge following without even having a physical presence in the country. That's what I call powerful.  


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