England-Africa Collaboration and The Jidenna Story Posted on 7 Aug 23:48 , 0 comments

No animal in recent history has captured the media's attention and our hearts like Cecil the Zimbabwean lion. His beauty and right to live were taken away from him, yet one designer found inspiration in his story for her collection at London's first Africa Fashion Week. Visions of Cecil's black mane in particular helped create Mary Martin's design for the ground-breaking fashion show.

Everywhere I've turned the past couple of days stories of men who have decided to embrace the tailored suit have been capturing my attention. I can't help but wonder if Jidenna is responsible for the real rebirth of cool through this well-groomed look - this Stanford graduate uses his bespoke suits as a tool for activism. According to Vasquez "Jidenna birthed a style that both honors and acknowledges the old Jim Crow Era, but is ultimately pushing away from it in this new era of Jim Crow politics". He's one to watch and I can't wait to see how designers around the world respond.  


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