Fashion Recycling Week Posted on 06 Aug 23:49 , 0 comments

This is one trend I hope that other larger retailers and brands catch on to and help lead the charge - Fashion Recycling Week is designed to reduce waste in fashion design and encourage awareness. H&M and London College of Fashion's Centre for Sustainable Fashion are launching the first event, which will run from August 31st to September 6th. 

Meanwhile couture and casual garments for rent have continued to be such a hit that Rent the Runway will be launching its unlimited subscription. For less than $100, subscribers can rent three items and once they are returned, three more will be shipped to them. This sounds like an excellent option for the ultimately trendy and fashion conscious.

I for one will continue to upcycle my own wardrobe in order to do my little part in fashion recycling, and if I ever need couture in a hurry I might give Rent the Runway a try.


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