Do It In 3-D Posted on 4 Aug 23:32 , 0 comments

As our technological world marches forward so will the way we produce goods. We're leaving the era of fast fashion behind and several designers are looking toward 3-D printing machines as a way to design the clothing and jewelry we wear. There's the strong possibility that 3-D printers will begin to replace humans who do most of the work, such as the seamstress and tailor. It will change the possibilities and scope of what fashion means - top designers such as Chanel have already begun to embrace this technology. 

At first glance the 3-D printing appears somewhat daunting - the machines themselves are relatively expensive and require at least minimal training to master and avoid material waste. Yet as the technology improves the prices will decrease - in fact, there are quite a few models available at very reasonable prices.

If I ever decide that 3-D prints will become a way of designing and bringing my vision to my customers, they will be the first to know. To me it changes the meaning of hand-made - perhaps we would call it 3D-made.  


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