Perspective Posted on 30 Jul 23:42 , 0 comments

I've begun to realize lately that, like many entrepreneurs, I often don't know when to take a break. Part of it is because I truly enjoy every aspect of what I do, from writing blog entries to creating new things. But as life is likely to do, if you don't find a way to maintain a balance and the proper perspective it will step in and do it for you. In April it was a persistent bout of bronchitis that made me finally loosen my tight grip on my knitting needles and be still. This weekend it just happens to be a memorial service for a loved one. Where I may not be physically ill, as I took a trip from one side of the state to the other, I realized that my mind has been going non-stop and it was time once again to step back and be still. Sometimes we actually can will things to manifest, but other times I realize that letting go and stepping away can be just as fruitful, if not more so in the larger scheme of things. I hope as the weekend approaches that you will take out time to enjoy yourself and enjoy the lighter side of life.



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