Challenging The Idea Of Couture In Sao Paolo Posted on 28 Jul 23:41 , 0 comments

Plus-sized Brazilian models stepped out to show us the summer's best designs for curvy girls recently at Plus-Size Fashion Week in Sao Paolo. While the U.K.'s Topshop is currently being raked over the coals for its "ridiculously shaped" mannequins, Brazilian designers are increasingly heating things up with swimwear designed to flatter the full figure. 

I'm very happy to see that many designers are beginning to understand that women want to look good and feel pretty and sexy no matter their size or shape. Topshop, with painfully thin mannequins staged conspicuously in their store windows, has also had to acknowledge that women are a diverse group and want to be recognized as such. Either way, it looks like some progress is being made with diversity in size, frame and weight in fashion and it's certainly about time.

 Plus-Size Fashion Weekend from February 2015:


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