Amazon Photo Studio Posted on 23 Jul 23:26 , 0 comments

If you've ever faced any doubt about the importance of images in marketing and media, look no further than what Jeff Bezos has in store for - he knows and understands how hot fashion is across cyberspace and has taken a huge leap of faith to gain a piece of the proverbial pie.

Amazon just finished sponsoring Men's Fashion Week in New York and quickly crossed the pond to open its photo studio in London. This very strategic move places Amazon in the thick of internet fashion success with London as a formidable fashion hub and European brands seeing huge successes online. 

The question now remains - how will this affect American fashion brands, both large and small? Amazon has seen limited (in Bezos' eyes) success in marketing and selling some of the hottest designer wear, from Gucci to Calvin Klein and an impressive list of others. He's going for the gusto, and if his existing business models for books and music are any indication of what's to come, we're in for quite a ride. It is well worth the fashion world's time to keep both eyes on this development. 


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