Italy Is Coming For The U.S. - Yes, Please Posted on 21 Jul 23:28 , 0 comments

I've been a sucker for Italian leather shoes since I could remember. This one red leather pair of sandals I used to own stayed on my feet constantly, I can recall the rich red, soft straps - I never wanted to take them off. Maybe I'm a bit vulnerable to the slightest suggestion that some piece of leather was constructed, sewn and fashioned in Italy but I just get really excited and willingly empty out my bank account on its behalf.

If you're anything like me about Italian-made anything, then brace yourself. Italy has developed a special fashion plan for us Americans, and they hope it translates into more revenue for the country. Personally I welcome it. I've mentioned the fast fashion phenomenon in the past and what it has meant for garment quality. Italy has always been synonymous with quality craftmanship with everything from hats to boots and all points in between, but the question remains of who makes up their target market. Are they planning to go after the luxury goods market? That would make good strategic sense - Italy is third-largest exporter to the U.S, after China and Vietnam. the latter two have been hugely successful in capturing the low-cost high-end fashion market, I say go in the other direction. Whatever the case, I look forward to learning more of their plan to invade the U.S. with beautiful wear.