Why Hoop Earrings Make You Look Good Posted on 18 Jul 21:15 , 0 comments

I believe like most women I've been drawn to hoops since I was allowed to wear big earrings. Notice I said 'allowed' because my folks believed hoop earrings to be womanish and no young teenage girl of theirs was going to be seen with huge shiny discs floating from her young little head. 

So off to college I went where I began and continued to invest in pair after pair of silver hoops. Most of them were small- to medium-sized, as I realized that the larger ones were heavy and I didn't want my earlobes to stretch. Because you know that's a possibility right? Unless you want them stretched, you want to avoid wearing heavy earrings.

Not all the time though, and really you only live once. Lately I've been seeing them on some of the most beautiful people. After a while I couldn't figure out if the hoops were making the women look beautiful or vice versa. Whatever the case, they each had loads of style and I decided it was time to make some of my own design. Vogue Italia referred to them as slave earrings (you'll have to draw your own conclusions about that) and while large hoops may not be for everyone, they've certainly stood the test of time and deservedly so. They highlight and frame your face and can often give the illusion of higher cheekbones. Large gold hoops add a glow to one's complexion and even if the rest of your outfit is wanting, an observer's eyes will almost always return to your face and those wonderful hoops.  



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