Inspiration From Cinema Posted on 14 Jul 23:51 , 0 comments

One of the truly cool and wonderful things about knitting and crocheting is that I get to do other things with my eyes and ears, like listen to music or watch something interesting. The majority of the time movies and shows capture my attention, and thanks to Hulu and Netflix I can binge watch any and everything. But what really catches my eye are period movies and shows. Anything that involves elaborate dress will get me hooked in an instant, whether it's 1800's Britain or 1950's America. 

I'll share this with you - I have an actor's soul. The only reason I never pursued acting is that I cannot stand performance anxiety. I always excelled in acting classes whether it was in junior high or at university, and the one thing that made it so appealing to me was that it allowed me to escape. So instead of endless auditions and the hopeful ups and downs of an actor's life, I chose to become a novelist. And from there I have found other escapes. When I see a 1920's costume on the silver screen, I can see myself in that dress or hat, I appreciate the way their earrings sparkle and imagine a pair that I can create with their own unique glitter and shine. 

Occasionally I do appreciate allowing my mind wander in silence as I bend wire or craft another hat - sometimes music fills in all the right gaps. Stepping into another time and space while my hands create, is a nearly perfect experience.


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