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What's the first thing you do when you get home from a long day at the old desk job? Pull off that button-down and replace it with a T-shirt. Can you name the first item you reach for on a relaxed weekend? A T-shirt. If you work from home and you don't have any scheduled face-to face or screen-to-screen meetings, what would you put on your body? A T-shirt. That's right, a T-shirt.

A number of do-it-yourself videos have popped up to help some of us fashion-conscious ladies do things to our T-shirts to make them appear more fitted, sexy and fashionable. But once the video has ended and scissors have been thrown back in the drawer, what you have left is still a T-shirt.

I'm pretty sure my point has been made - we are some T-shirt loving folks. I've always seemed to be acquainted with someone who has made a business out of selling them, and some with very high profits. I have T-shirts from my alma maters, concerts, conferences, groups and a couple from some of my favorite retail outlets. They're always there and generally an item that most people take for granted. But according to Complex.com T-shirts, or more specifically graphic tees, are making a comeback in a huge way. If you're looking to break into fashion and your budget is small, designing and marketing your own brand, slogan or artwork on a graphic tee might be the way to go right now. The key will be putting together a great business model to help one stand out from the pack. 


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