Fashion: School Or Experience? Posted on 11 Jul 23:21 , 0 comments

The fashion world has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade due primarily to rapid advances in technology. Like no other time in history, an individual interested in learning the fashion ropes can get his start on the internet. Whether it's do-it-yourself videos via YouTube or detailed instruction on, a pair of scissors, some thread and fabric and lots of patience, passion, determination and imagination can yield some fairly impressive results. If you are blessed enough to have emerged from the womb with exceptional marketing savvy, you could well be on your way to fashion success on any imaginable scale.  

On the other hand you have to admire that one person who decides to follow her heart through the corridors of a fashion institute. Few things can replace a formal discipline and instruction on color, style and the history of hats and platform shoes. Jette Kavanagh is a Chico native who recently debuted her fashion line and will soon be working on collections for Stella V and Sienna Rose.  Kavanagh reaped the benefits of a fashion scholarship - it paid dividends in terms of recognition and opportunity that might otherwise have been extremely tough to come by.

Goals and dreams play a big part in which way we decide to go. One designer might not rest until she is featured at New York Fashion Week - the next artist might be content to make his name online. Either way, the options are there and the door is wide open if you have the talent and drive to make things happen. 


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