Five Things To Consider Before Owning A Fashion Truck Posted on 8 Jul 21:20 , 0 comments

News outlets and blogs have been consistently covering the advent of the fashion truck. Its predecessor, the food truck, has seen such massive success over the past few years that it only seems natural that a truck could also aid in serving the fashion hungry as well. I've certainly considered adding to the numbers of retail outlets on wheels. I know a well-placed and promoted truck could do wonders for expanding my brand and it eliminates the location commitment a brick-and-mortar retail outlet demands of its owner. Fashion trucks are also very hip, chic and reflect well on the fashion savvy operator.

Within every benefit lurks a challenge or obstacle, and it pays to be prepared so that the experience of owning a mobile business becomes and remains a boost instead of a hindrance to your business.

Personal research into fashion truck ownership has led me to consider the following - 

  1. Understand your city and county's rules and regulations - Larger cities where food and fashion trucks are more commonplace often have clearly outlined zones and permits to help you avoid unwanted fines and penalties. Clear all paperwork and make sure your vehicle is up to standard and you will avoid a mountain of headaches.
  2. Know your target market - Are you hoping to capture that student's eye or the more affluent woman who works on Wall Street? It's important to clarify this before you leave your driveway - a successful sales day will count heavily on it and will help you determine the best location for your truck.
  3. Decide how you will manage inventory - The downside of running your business from a truck is that it limits what you can display at any given time, and the upside of running your business from a truck is that it limits what you can display at any given time. That customer who visits often is interested in variety and it pays to rotate your offerings daily and display a few fast fashion pieces to keep your store fresh and vibrant.
  4. Understand weather conditions and tolerance- Los Angeles and Miami were made for food and fashion, so trucks are just too easy here. The weather is fairly constant and the outdoor possibilities with beaches and outdoor activities just call for it. The midwest and northeast require different considerations with colder winters. Your truck might be a seasonal venture in these locations - just make sure your customers know where to find you in the off-season. 
  5. Establish and provide security - Making a name for yourself and the profits that accompany it can't be matched, but at the end of the day your safety is priority number one. A truck owner has the same security considerations as a brick-and-mortar without the often scheduled staff and sophisticated security systems. Work with a partner if possible and learn to understand body language in order to avoid theft or assault. I know this is something most people don't want to have to think about but it's important to reduce your vulnerability with a well thought-out staff and security plan. 

I applaud those business owners who are out there making it happen - if you're one with aspirations of commandeering your own fashion truck, I hope to run into you soon. 


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