Do You Upcycle? Posted on 4 Jul 23:19 , 0 comments

Browsing the internet this evening I came across an event advertised in the Dunkirk, New York Observer called a 'reverse fashion show where everything is created from something old rather than new'. I personally and absolutely love the concept and it's something I believe everyone should try at least once, even if the only upcycle involves replacing buttons on a loved sweater. 

The current trend toward inexpensive and fast fashion has also ushered in lesser quality clothing. I may have mentioned in other posts that I just won't part with a lot of my older clothing because I know a lot of it will become fashionable once again, but there's also the fact that these items have stood the test of time. I've transformed a pullover cashmere sweater into a cardigan with pretty details, and I've also taken a couple of old T-shirts and turned them into a lovely warm weather skirt. 

This fashion show highlights several different categories of upcycling - thrift store and closet to just name a couple. What I find exciting about this show is the potential it has to spark the imagination of everyone involved. Fashion is such a personal form of self-expression and for the wearer to have a hand in transforming a garment can't help but feel empowering. I plan to continue transforming a few of my own garments into something more unique and personal to my current taste. What about you? Do you have any upcycle projects in the making? Would love to hear from you.


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